Anyone who owns chickens will know how much character and personality they can have. I could personally sit and watch them for hours.And I could write a book on the antics they get up to. So I decided why not give them there very own blog page?

Now that we are past the shortest day of the year, the girls are slowly starting to show signs of getting back down to business. With 17 barnyard hens, 2 silkie hens and 6 Pekin pullets we won't be short of eggs this summer but getting to that stage can take some time, especially when one hen goes broody it can quickly become an epidemic.

Once our hens had safely finished moulting we slowly moved up from one egg a day to three. The drama was short lived though. One day Kitty, our Buff Sussex X, decided she would carry on tradition from last winter and go broody, right after the shortest day of the year. It's almost like the winter solstice triggers something inside her and she suddenly feels the urge to be a mummy. She raised 7 chicks last winter, only losing one.

I noticed her bizzare behaviour and instantly knew what she was up to. We had some cows in to graze our paddock for a few days and once the grass had been grazed down, Kitty's hiding spot was no longer a secret..
I had to laugh at how blantantly she was trying to pull it off. Settling herself quite nicely in the middle of the paddock. Unfortunately, It is still a bit soon for baby chicks here. We are yet to set up the houses for our broodies so I had to remove all 12 eggs and after checking them I was quite relieved to see they had only recently been laid. They passed the float test and everyone had eggs for dinner. I'm pretty sure it won't be long before she tries her luck again but hopefully this time we will be ready for chicks and then she can show off her mummy skills once again :-)

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