Yes it's official. My silly hens think it's spring already. As predicted, Kitty did not go down without a fight. My extremely determined no.1 hen has another nest of 12 eggs due to hatch in another week or two. I will candle the eggs this weekend to check fertility and to see how far along they are. I discovered her popping out of the bushes below my garden acting extremely broody again so I had a little hunt around and sure enough. I had to laugh at her pluck. She really doesn't give up that easily so I decided to let her have her way. We did have a few weeks of unusually warm weather which seems to have fooled her into thinking she can pull it off. Last night it started raining and the temps dropped, so this morning I went and checked on our little trooper. Even though she was nestled under some bushes she did look rather damp and not in the least bit amused! I didn't want to move her in the rain so I secured a tarpaulin over her nesting spot and will go back tomorrow and move her into a dry warm spot in our garage.
As well as Kitty we also have Molly, one of our young layers who is currently trying her hand (or wing) at being a mum. After Shadow passed, I collected 8 eggs which were all from our Black sex-link hen, Tomato, who was the only laying hen by that point. I placed all 8 eggs under Molly who seemed very happy with her new additions.
 All seemed to be going well until day 6 when I noticed Molly was spending an unusually long time off her nest. By dinner time I had given up all hope of her eggs hatching because she had left them for the entire day. I was advised to lock her in with her eggs so she couldn't abandon them as they may still hatch. So I have done this and she is now sitting tight back on her eggs and fingers crossed some of them hatch. Now that I have a total of 20 eggs set under my two broody hens I have a slightly higher chance of one of them being Shadows baby. But, what with it being winter and fertility not always being guarunteed. I will be happy just to see new balls of fluff hatching again. Mollys chicks are due to hatch around the 14th and Kittys... well that tricky hen could be due any day as far as I know but hopefully this weekend we will know for sure!

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