Has it really been 3 weeks since my last post? Time has really flown lately as we have been kept busy with daily activities, preparing for the oncoming cold season. I have added some extra insulation to the chicken coops to make sure they are cosy and draught free over winter. Most of my chickens are taking a bit of a rest from egg laying at the moment so eggs are off the menu for a while. Unless on the odd occasion we make it to the farmers markets to buy some eggs off someone whose chickens are still laying.
Not much really happens around here over winter. The garden is just about bursting with new plants and seeds that I scattered from my expired lots just to see what would happen. I have doubts as to wether my Kale and Lettuce will bounce back - the big flock finally discovered my well hidden garden (or so I thought it was well hidden) and suddenly decided they had a craving for fresh greens. I guess they can't be blamed as most of their favourite bugs and greens are in short supply at them moment so they rely on us a lot more to keep them fed a healthy diet.
All we can really do with the garden this season is to tidy up any weeds that come up and to give the garden regular doses of Liquid Seaweed which will help give the vegies an immunity boost over winter.
We have had a lot of rain lately and some parts of the country are still in serious flood and it seems that other countries are also having alot of serious flooding too. It is times like this you learn to really respect and appreciate Mother Nature because she sure has a temper! Our thoughts and prayers go out to all of the families who are struggling with these disasters right now and those who have lost their lives because of the floods no matter what country you may be in.
I will keep this post short and sweet as I am going to try and put up some new articles over the next few days - in between housework, animal chores, taking care of children and making my first attempt at sewing a red cape for my daughters dress up school disco next week. The theme is storybook characters so she is going as Little Red Riding Hood. I figured if I have to handmake something I better not make it too hard on myself as my sewing skills still need a bit of an improvement but a cape with a hood I think I could manage :-)

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