Today I finally caught up on the weeding of our main garden which is going to (hopefully) grow most of our winter vegies. To the left is a photo I took when we first moved in. Below, is a photo I took today.

As you can tell, the garden had been badly neglected but after cleaning it up, I planted a Potato patch at the far end, cut back the Silverbeet that was already there to allow new healthy growth, planted some Brassicas, and laid down some black plastic in areas where I plan to put my next lot of seedlings. The black plastic is a temporary measure to keep the weeds suppressed and keep the soil from drying out. I don't think dry soil will be a problem now that we are finally out of a drought. The main problem is trying to control the weeds that have suddenly gone wild. after all of the rain.

I have already started acclimatizing my Bean plants by putting them outdoors every day. Starting with one hour and then increasing the time by an hour each day. Hopefully, the weather will be fine this weekend to plant them out as they are growing at a very fast rate. My raised garden bed towards the back of the property is rapidly losing sun now that the days are slowly getting shorter. I am contemplating transplanting my Mesclun and Rainbow Silverbeet to the main garden as it is North facing and gets most of the sun all day. My Asian Stir-fry seedlings are only about 2cm tall so I don't know how they would cope with transplanting. My Purple Carrot seeds went for a swim after the week of rain we had and now I have carrot seedlings popping up amongst the mesclun at the other end of the garden bed. And the Spring onions? Well they just keep on going. A very easy vegetable to grow.
I have had regular success with growing summer gardens but I haven't really bothered to put much effort into growing winter gardens apart from planting garlic and replenishing soil for spring plantings. This time around I will definitely be making an effort!

In the middle of the garden is a little Herb garden made out of small rocks in the shape of a spiral. It already has some Parsley and Chives and I will be adding more as I go. I actually like this little feature as it gives the garden a little extra bit of character. I like gardens that can just be added to as you go and you don't have to feel constrained to straight rows and measuring space. With a garden this size, I can plant away until my heats content! I noticed a few tree stumps in the garden as I was weeding and there are actually quite a few trees around the property. A dozen Citrus trees line the driveway and a large Avocado tree at the end of the garden. Not to mention a Peach tree right beside it. And a large Fejoa tree in the backyard. At least we won't have a shortage of fruit here :-)

On top of the weeding and other chores, I decided to try sprouting my Sunflower Seeds as I have recently heard that Sunflower sprouts can be a great addition to salads while keeping most of, if not all of it's nutritional qualities so I'm giving it a go!

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